5 Social Media Strategies During COVID-19

February 27, 2021

COVID-19 is something that caught us all off guard, and as a result, has us looking for new ways to engage with our audiences from a safe distance. This calls for reassessing your current digital marketing strategies and adjusting during this time of uncertainty.

Here are 5 strategies for your social media marketing.

1. Build value and relevant content 

With more people at home browsing online, there will be opportunities to effectively reach your audience and build relationships. This effect is already taking place, as Verizon recently reported a 20% week over week increase in web traffic. Your content should provide value around your product or service and communicate how it will benefit your audience when they are ready to make a purchase. Try to avoid repeating a lot of the same information most brands are doing and be more careful on the type of content that is suitable for this crisis. Joshua Spanier (VP of Global Media at Google) from Google provides an insightful guiding question to ask during this time. “How can we be helpful to people and businesses in this moment of need?”

2. Lead Generation

If you are a business that is experiencing challenging times, now is a good time to shift your strategy to collecting new leads and grow your email list in place of promoting sales. Using a Facebook lead ad campaign, you are able to create new interest with potential leads, increase sign ups for email campaigns, and create an audience to retarget for a future date. Keep it simple and make sure you have your funnel set up properly before launching the lead generation campaigns.

3. Retargeting Campaigns

As more people spend their time online, now is a good time to retarget website visitors with incentives and promotions. We do not recommend using coupon codes like, “COVID-19” as it may seem inappropriate. Better examples may include, ‘free shipping’ or a special promotion that helps others. Through Facebook and Instagram, you can retarget users based on their previous interactions with your brand such as likes, comments, and other engagements.

4. Reassess your creative

Every day seems to present new situations and news that may affect your current marketing content and strategies across all touch points. It is important that you stay on top of the latest news that may affect your creative and messaging. Ask your team if the current creative and marketing content is appropriate for now or better suited for a later date.

5. Live Video

Video has now become a new norm in the way we communicate and work from home. Facebook live and Instagram live are great social media tools to effectively connect with your audience in a genuine way that is easily accessible. Live videos are 3x more likely to receive higher engagement than pre recorded videos. During times of social distancing, people will be looking for new ways to connect face to face. Some ideas you can do through live video are Q&A, online demos, and news updates.

Make sure to go through a few practice runs before streaming live to test your audio and video quality. Being yourself, adding some creativity, and trying new ideas will lead to a more successful live video session.

If you’re looking for help reassessing and strategizing your current social media campaigns and digital marketing, we would love to help. Email hello@iapcreative.com to schedule a complimentary online assessment.

Photo by Martin Sanchez

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