5 Reasons Why SMO is Essential

February 27, 2021

Social media optimization (SMO) is the new SEO and the perfect harmony between search engine optimization and social media. SMO is used to help build brand awareness by leveraging social media channels and online communities. One of the primary goals of SMO is to drive unique visitors to your website content. Brands often forget that the platforms exist to build relationships. It’s not a set and forget type of medium. You must be present, participate in conversations, follow your consumer base, and share helpful quality content through high quality videos, photos, podcasts, and more.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Social Media Optimization is important.

1. SMO Builds Stronger Web Presence

SMO helps to ensure a strong web presence for the brand and introduces new and existing people to the business. It also helps improve brand visibility and engagement. 

2. Increase Reach

With SMO, you are able to reach new audiences with specific target filters. Through this process, you can effectively communicate, connect, and build relationships with the right individuals. You are able to connect through different channels at any time. This will allow your audience to experience your content on their terms, through a variety of platforms such as mobile, video, audio, and more.

3. Build An Audience

Investing resources into SMO increases traffic, and as a result, the building of your audience. With social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can now reach an audience that is geo targeted anywhere in the world (pending restrictions from the apps). As you continue to grow your audience, you will be able to build lasting relationships at a lower cost and higher engagement.

4. SEO

As search engines continue to acquire data from social media platforms, SMO has now become an essential part of marketing initiatives. Brands will need to keep their content updated, use relevant keywords, and stay connected with their audience. The more the content is shared, the better it will perform in search engines. By utilizing SMO properly, it can help improve your site’s organic search results.

5. Lead Generation

Social media is a great tool for helping companies generate leads for their business. By utilizing the advertising features through social media channels, you can transform your lead generation campaigns significantly with high quality ads that reach the right audiences.

SMO can be one of your greatest tools for improving your brand's digital marketing, if properly executed. These 5 essential reasons are why you need to start today and reevaluate your current SMO strategies.

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