Ethos Society

Where Dreamers Become Doers


Client: Ethos Society

Focus: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Branded Content, Video Production, Web Development, Social Media Management, Content Strategy

Ethos Society is a communal work space based in Los Angeles, where dreamers share, gather, associate, engage, evolve, focus, accomplish their dreams, and become doers.

As a new entrant within an rapidly expanding industry, Ethos Society needed to establish itself as a premium offering within the coworking and private office vertical in addition to connecting its customers to its brand like no other coworking space brand had done before. We dug deep into our client’s motto, “Where Dreamers Become Doers”, and built a campaign around emphasizing community, support, and connection as vehicles to encourage customers in moving their businesses forward.

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Client: Ethos Society

Creative Agency: Imagination At Play

Photos: ©Gensler / Ryan Gobuty, Imagination At Play

Architecture Firm: Gensler

Los Angeles

3435 Wilshire Blvd. 14th Floor Unit A15 Los Angeles, CA 90010