Meukow Cognac

Meukow VS - Black Panther


Client: Meukow Cognac

Focus: Direction, Video Production, Editing, Animation, Sound Design

Meukow Cognac, is based in France and distributed in over 80 countries. They have a full collection of cognacs, liquors, and specialty cocktails.

Imagination At Play created a :15 campaign spot that consisted of live-action footage with animated graphics featuring the Meukow VS Cognac. It appeared in AMC theatres across the United States before the showing of the box office hit, Black Panther. The concept was to align the movie and Meukow’s existing brand of power, elegance, and suppleness to create a visually and acoustically appealing spot for the Black Panther audience.

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Client: Meukow Cognac

Agency: Imagination At Play

Sound Design: Full English

Los Angeles

3435 Wilshire Blvd. 14th Floor Unit A15 Los Angeles, CA 90010